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Ms. Xiao Fang Xu has a distinguished professional dance career that began at an early age in the Shanghai Dance school. She graduated with the highest honors after six years of solid dance training. With specialties in Chinese classical and folk dance, Ms. Xu played many leading roles in different dance programs and danced in fifteen countries for the Arts Delegation of China. She has also performed for many important Chinese Government events including President Nixon's first state visit to China. Ms. Xu came to America in 1985 as a visiting scholar at Ohio State and Brigham Young University.
Ms. Xiao Fang Xu was a member of the Chinese Dance Association and a board member of the Shanghai Dance Association. Currently, she is a member of the Maryland Council for Dance. As a two-time winner of an individual artist award from the Maryland State Arts Council, Ms. Xu has choreographed about 30 Chinese classical and folk dances in the past 20 years.  

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