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Hua Sha Alumni

Hua Sha's dancers come from various backgrounds such as medicine, computer science, electrical engineering, as well as high school and college students. With Ms. Xu’s excellent training and the dancers' hard work, the Hua Sha Chinese Dance Center has gained its popularity in the Baltimore-Washington area by its high level of performing arts as exhibited in its numerous performances.

Sue Pan
Software Engineer, M.S. and M.E.
Julie Tang
Biomedical Engineer, M.S.
Zhilin Lan
Eye Doctor, Ph.D.
Karin Lee

Carrie Song Charlette Hu
Information Sciences, M.S.
Wenhong Lu
Software Engineer, Ph.D.
Jessica Chen
Capital One

Michelle Yu
Longchuan Yu
Ping Hu
BioStatistician, Ph.D.
Belinda Seach
Project Manager, M.S.

Sarita James
Software Engineer, M.S.
JingXiao Feng
Manager, M.S.
 Janet Zhou
Alyssa Chang

Holly Zheng
Manager, Ph.D.
Juliette Chen
Policy and Management Consultant, MPA

Genevieve Ferris

University student

Takako Nishimura

Software Engineer

Mingjie Su
Software Engineer, M.S.

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